TENTATIVE Schedule of Events

​FRIDAY - 28 April 2017:
Event                               Time                        Location
Registration                                 8:30am-7:00pm               Festhalle
Vendors                                       10:00am-6:00pm              Festhalle & Helendorf Parking Lot
T-shirt & Ticket Sales                 10:00am-7:00pm              Festhalle
Car Corral & Clean Up                10:00am-6:00pm              Baymont Inn/Helendorf Parking Lots
Auto-X Setup/Car Inspection     9:00am-10:00am              City Parking Lot – Small
Test & Tune                                  10:00am-11:30am           City Parking Lot – Large
Autocross                                     1:00pm-3:00pm               City Parking Lot – Large
Concours Safety Inspection        2:30pm-4:30pm               Baymont Inn Overhang
Lineup Valve Cover Racers         5:00pm-6:00pm               Festhalle
Cash Bar                                        6:00pm                             Festhalle
Hospitality Party                           6:30pm                              Festhalle
Valve Cover Races                       8:00pm                              Festhalle
50/50 Drawing                               8:00pm                              Festhalle
Hospitality – After Hours             10:00pm                            Upstairs – Baymont Inn
Visit Helen Merchants                  All Day                                  

SATURDAY - 29 April 2017:
Event                                 Time                        Location
Registration                                   7:30am-12noon                Festhalle
Car Clean Up                                 7:00am-9:00am                
Baymont Inn/Helendorf Parking Lots
Vendors                                         8:00am-5:00pm                 Festhalle & Helendorf Parking Lot
Concours Safety Inspection        8:00am-9:00am                 City Parking Lot - Small
Concours Entrants Meeting         9:00am-9:15am                 City Parking Lot - Small
Judges Meeting                             9:15am-9:30am                 City Parking Lot - Small
Concours                                        9:30am-1:30pm                City Parking Lot - Small
Participant's Choice                      9:30am-1:30pm                City Parking Lot – Large
Participant's Choice Voting          9:30am-12:30pm              City Parking Lot – Large
Staff & Judges Only Lunch           11:30am-12:30pm            Festhalle
Participants Lunch ($5.00 ea)       12:30pm
(until food is gone)   Festhalle
Slow Drags                                      1:45pm                              City Parking Lot – Large
Rally                                                 2:00pm                              City Parking Lot – Small
Technical Session                          2:00pm-4:00pm                 Festhalle
Ladies Activity                                2:30pm                               Festhalle
Entertainment & Cash Bar             6:00pm (chips & dip)        Festhalle
Banquet, Awards & 50/50               7:00pm-10:00pm               Festhalle
Door Prizes                                      All Day                               Festhalle
Hospitality – After Hours                10:00pm                             Upstairs – Baymont Inn
Car Corral                                         All Day                                 
Visit Helen Merchants                     All Day                                 
T-shirts & Ticket Sales                    All Day                                Festhalle



Springfest ​in Helen

**Schedule changes will be denoted by the BLUE color**


1074 Edelweiss Strasse, Helen, GA 30545, United States